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Half Marathon Training – When Life Happens

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Well hello there! If you read my last marathon post then you’ll already know that I experienced some knee pain during my long distance run on Sunday September 20th — not cool! Even though you work hard and try to prepare for things, life happens. Since I started my personal training course, I know how important it is to rest and recover; one of my past issues. Sometimes your work outs are just going so well that it’s actually HARD to take a rest day.. you just want to keep kicking ass! But if you push yourself too hard, you can cause a more serious injury that can pull you out of the game for longer than expected. For example, last year before I took any health courses and just started running, I kept pushing myself to run 6, 7, 8 miles every single day, not realizing what I was doing to my body. I hurt my knee bad enough to have to wear an uncomfortable knee brace, had a super cute limp going on, and couldn’t run for over a month and by the time I was able to start again, all my progress was lost. Right now, if I couldn’t run for a month, I would be out of the half marathon no doubt.. which is why I took 5 days off after the knee pain occurred. I used cold and hot treatments on my knees and feet, got some massages (FAVE) and took some time to reread the form focus chapter in my ChiMarathon book. 


I think I made the right decision, because here’s is my first day back after the looonnngggg 5 days off. If you’re a runner you know how hard it is to NOT run for 5 days! When the 5 days is up, I was afraid I would have lost some progress and have to start over a little bit, so I tried to stay out of my own head and it worked… nice pace, nice distance.


I also did a few runs on the treadmill instead of the pavement just to be safe and make sure my form was still ok – this one is from Sunday September 27th. In addition to that, I started doing some research on what a RUNNERS diet should look like, hence my perfect macro day from the first picture. Throughout my weight loss and fitness lifestyle change, I’ve adjusted my macros twice. Once was just for weight lost, when I had a bunch of fat to lose. The second time was when I was primarily lifting weights and doing minimal cardio. That put me on a high protein, low carb diet for a long time; as we all know, that is difficult. But now, as you can see, I NEED carbs for energy so I’m trying out a 50/25/25 macro diet (50% carbs, 25% protein, 25% fat). I have to say.. I LOVE IT!!! Run all the miles… eat all the carbs! I love carbs! I still continue to weight train every week and the lower protein has no effected my weight training in a negative way yet, but if it starts to, I will switch to 30% protein and 20% fat.


Here’s a treadmill from from Monday September 28th, starting off training week eleven! At the beginning of the week I wasn’t sure how far I would get for my long distance run the upcoming Sunday, so I just tried to listen to my body and make sure my form, posture and technique were on point. There was a reason I had knee pain and I was determined to figure out that reason. Being on the treadmill is nice because I really don’t have to think about cars or anything on the road that I might trip over.. I’m pretty clumsy.


Tuesday September 29th, we hit Lacamas Lake for a nice soft run in the dirt, still just trying to ease my way back onto the payment while getting some hills in. The hills here aren’t huge, but they do the trick. Later in the week I also started added some “hills” to my treadmill runs as well.


My treadmill run from Wednesday September 30th went well. I felt no pain and had a good amount of time to just listen to my body, adjust my landing, make sure my knees stayed bent and everything from the knee down was correct and relaxed enough to keep me going. By Thursday, it just so happened to by my scheduled rest day and coincidentally, I got the cold that Robert had and only felt sick on Thursday… how lucky is that?!? I took advantage of my rest day and slept literally all day, drank as much water as I could possibly handle and  took my Zicam until I had to go to work; and THAT’S how you kill a cold!


Friday and Saturday I did treadmill runs at the gym along with strength training and I felt confident in my form and my body so I spent all say Saturday carb loading (YAY!) so I could make an attempt at a long distance run Sunday morning. Sometimes when I think too much about the amount of milage I’ll be doing I think I stress myself out and it affects my performance, so I did not set myself up with a set distance. I figured I would try anywhere from 8-11 miles and I did it! I went a beautiful 10 miles at a satisfying pace and it really helped my confidence. My first 8 miles just flew by, I ran down a few side streets this time.. once you get to 10 miles, it’s harder to find places to run without too many stop lights and traffic and by the time I hit that 8 miles I had a MAJOR side cramp for the last 2, but I powered through and vowed to up my water intake and get really serious about my nutrition. Race day is getting closer and I’m happy to say that I feel like I am still on track! See people, life happens so roll with the punches, learn to adjust and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!!! Thanks for reading and if you’re thinking about taking on a half marathon or any sort of run, I hope I can help and inspire you! Feel free to e-mail me 🙂

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