How To Get A Jumpstart On Your New Years Resolutions: Transformation Goal

How To Get A Jumpstart On Your New Years Resolutions: Transformation Goal
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There are 6 weeks left in 2016 and I’ve never been one to make New Years Resolutions. I’m a weekly goal setter! This seemed like a perfect time to add a little extra external motivation to my life. I’ve been feeling the need to take my health and fitness to the next level. I’m ready for another transformation! My motivation to start this transformation is to start 2017 a new woman, already changed and kicking ass. A few years ago I went through a huge transformation where I lost a bunch of weight, changed my eating habits and my outlook on life. Is that not good enough? Although I am proud of what I accomplished, I still feel like I’m not even close to where I want to be. I decided to break down the next 6 weeks and really lock in some new habits because I don’t want to waste anymore time. I broke down my most important goals and the mini goals necessary in order to achieve my habit-changing, fat-cutting, strength-gaining transformation goals. 

Transformation Goal #1: Stay on my meal plan

The thing that stuck with me the most through my transformation has been my workouts. I might push a work out back a day because I’m too sore, but I have always continuously stayed on my work out plan. It’s always been much easier for me to fall off the food wagon, because I mean, come on, working out is FUN. Eating healthy can be the real challenge for people. Therefore, my number one goal is staying on my meal plan… not 75% of the time, not 85% of the time, but 100% of the time. In order to make this happen, I played around with my macros all day creating an EASY meal plan for me to stick to.

6 Week Transformation Meal Plan

This meal plan shown above is the exact print out that I have on my refrigerator, in my binder and wherever else I’m going to need to put it to help me stay on track. Maybe even my bathroom mirror if I need to. Whatever it takes to stay on track. I broke it down into 3 breakfast choices, 3 lunch choices and 2 dinner choices where I can alternate the sides and veggies for more variety. The plan I designed for myself follows 50/25/25 macros and aims for 1900-2200 calories per day depending on my physical activity. The days where I have a long 8 mile run are going to need a liiiiiitle more than that.

Mini Goal One: Meal Mapping

I have been using MyFitnessPal for along time now and have gotten over comfortable with it. After you add in the meals, they get saved in your recents so it gets easier to use each time. I will be not only meal planning, but meal mapping each week. Meal mapping is when you go into MyFitnessPal and pre-log all your meals, down to how much coconut oil you plan to use while simmering veggies. This has been life saver for me. On Sundays I like to go in and log my entire week, this way, it’s so much harder for me to fall off track. Plus I’m never screwed at the end of the day, left with no calories. If you just log as you go, it takes you more time throughout the day and it is easier to add extras here and there. Or, you can wait until the end of your day and try to remember every tiny thing you ate. Thanks too hard for me and allows me to convince myself that grazing is ok! IT’S NOT! When I map out EVERYTHING, I know that if it’s not on MyFitnessPal, I’m not eating it.

Mini Goal Two: Meal Scheduling

I’m sure this won’t be as easy for everyone to do, but I also like to plan the times of my meals so I don’t run out of food by 3pm… I try to always go to sleep and wake up around the same time even on the weekends, so I have a pretty regular schedule. The times that work best for my meals are 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 5-6pm for dinner. I have alarms set on my phone and this has help my overeating problem like CRAZY!!! When I don’t look at the time, then I have no idea when the last time I ate was and I’ll over eat. Having these set times will also help me break the habit of late night snacking. I know that I’m done by 6pm.

Mini Goal Three: No More Coffee

One of the reasons I’m cutting the coffee is because I just can’t drink it without cream, I just don’t like it. I need to cut the cream because I’m getting an extra 6 grams of fat every morning from my cream and I need those calories for something I REALLY want. Another reason I’m giving up the coffee is because it makes my PMS symptoms way worse! I don’t need anymore depression, mood swings and food cravings thank you very much.

Mini Goal Four: If You Can’t Post It, Don’t Eat It Challenge

I’m starting a challenge with myself where I post every meal in my Healthier By The Day FaceBook Group (join me!) and on Instagram to help me stay accountable. I just cannot eat shitty food in front of other people, it’s embarrassing to me. So, I find I’m the healthiest when I have an audience. Can you imagine vowing to be healthy and then having to post a picture of a candy bar? I would be crying in the picture, so that will motivate me to make smarter choices and stick to my plan.

Mini Goal Five: Water Goals

Sometimes we think we are hungry when we are really just dehydrated. I have alarms set in my phone to remind me how far along on my water goals I should be. I have a 64 ounce water jug that I carry around everywhere and the goal is to finish this bad boy twice a day. The alarms go off every few hours telling me… you should be one jug down by now! It really helps!

Transformation Goal #2: Stay on my Exercise Plan

6 Week Transformation Workout Calendar

Mini Goal One: Take a real rest day

In the past I have just let my body decide if it’s ready to work out today or not. Looking back, that has caused me to go as long as 2 weeks without a rest day. Some weeks you’re just really in the zone, not feeling as sore as normal and you just want those results to happen. I can tell you from experience that overtraining is not the way to get what you want. When I choose to not take a rest day, I might be able to go 2 weeks, but at the end of that 2 weeks my body forces me to take a rest day. I pretty much just nap and relax all day asking myself, why am I doing this again? To be sore all the time? No. I’ve gotten better about this, so every Saturday will be a full rest day, no running, no hiking. I try to sneak those things in on our ‘rest days’ sometimes.

Mini Goal Two: Daily Yoga

My body always feels amazing when I’m doing yoga consistently, especially now that I sit at a desk for work. This is going to be extremely important now that I start training for my next half marathon on the 28th. Flexibility and mobility are going to be a make it or break it factor for me coming up. I found a new 20 – 30 minute yoga videos and saved them on YouTube so I’m ready to go every single day! I make sure to schedule it in while I’m planning the week ahead so I have no excuse to not do this.

Mini Goal Three: Stick to my Running Plan

This one relates with the rest day goal. When I’m killing my runs I like to push it and throw in an extra day here and there. This is not the right answer for me. I have my best runs and see the most improvement when my body is rested. I’ve already hurt my knee from running and this time I plan to avoid all that by sticking to the plan that I designed for myself. 3 runs per week, at least for these first 6 weeks and they will follow the plan, whether it’s suppose to be a long run, a timed run, or a distance run. I will not run extra!

Mini Goal Four: Stick to my Strength Training Plan

My calendar is already all set up like you can see above. No extra leg days, no deviating from the plan… Monday’s are chest/triceps/core, Tuesday’s are shoulders/booty, Thursday’s are back/biceps/core and Sunday is leg day. No more 6  days… my body just can’t take it anymore. I’m realizing the importance of rest to see the real results you want, it just takes time and practice.

Mini Goal Five: More Advanced Core Work

Core strength is really important for running and weight lifting. I’ve been sticking to a handful of core moves that I like, but seem to be maxing out on them. I tried out a move I had never done the other day and holy shit, I felt it. I won’t be afraid to try moves that look too advanced for me, bye bye basics. Hello abs!

Planning is the way to success.

Looking at all my goals as a whole, I can see that my main focus is staying on a plan. By mapping out every single step like I have done for myself, I have made it [hopefully] fool proof for me to hit my goals! Stay tuned for some transformation progress pictures January 1st!

What goals are you having trouble hitting?

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