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Strawberry Cobb Salad

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This has got to be my all time favorite type of salad & the fresh strawberries at the grocery store
were calling my name this morning when I walked by. I love everything about this cobb salad from the bleu cheese crumbles to the bacon… it’s hard to resist. If you are a bleu cheese hater though, just throw on some feta or gorgonzola instead. Quick fix, no excuses. I use this salad in my sample meal prep plan because when the salad is not tossed, it seems to last a little longer. I made FOUR of these beautiful, protein packed salads to last Robert and I over the weekend. I love it when my lunch is just magically ready for me :).  

1. Boil eggs for about 12 minutes. While the eggs are cooking, heat a pan over medium-high heat and cook cubed and peppered chicken thoroughly to 165 degrees.


2. While the eggs and chicken cook, crumble bacon, cube avocado, and slice strawberries. Once the eggs finish, peel and slice.

food86 food89
food88 food87

3. Assemble your beautiful cobb salad!

Nutritional Information: Calories – 434    Fat – 22 g    Carbs – 14 g    Protein – 46 g

Try out some of my Tangy Honey Mustard for a little kick!


Mason jars are my newest addiction so I think I’ll work on this version in a mason jar for ya, but for now check out my other salads!

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