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Online Personal Training Success Story – Meet Whitney!

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This is one of my most kick ass, hard working online personal training weight loss clients. We started talking about health and fitness in November and our relationship just grew and grew. She was one of the first people to take a chance on my online personal training program, and based on this testimonial from her… I think she has benefited from my program. Read on to find her MAGIC WEIGHT LOSS FORMULA…. ::coughHARDWORKcough::

Whitney Naylor Weight Loss Transformation Online personal training

“I just want to say how excited I am for all the progress I have made this year! A year ago I started to half-ass workout at the gym because I was very unhappy with my body. But I wasn’t consistent and I still had terrible eating habits. I drank 2 energy drinks a day and still felt terribly sluggish! It wasn’t until November that I decided I had finally had enough. I was sick and tired of holding back tears in the dressing room. It’s okay if you love your curves, but I wasn’t loving mine. With the help of my husband constantly pushing me and the help wonderful Ashleigh Molina, she helped me learn about nutrition and she has been advising me and training me at the gym. I now feel more confident than ever! Today I officially hit my goal weight, which was my weight in high school. I have dropped 23 lbs since November and couldn’t be more stoked! Before I just wanted to be skinny. Well my goals have changed and now I’m working towards building that muscle! I’m excited to keep learning and keep growing! I can’t believe what a difference eating right and keeping active does! My body has definitely rewarded me back because I have more energy more than ever! And without the energy drinks! Thank you so much Ashleigh for being so helpful and so supportive! If anyone is interested in getting into a better lifestyle, tips, motivation or easy healthy recipes visit her website at ‪#‎teamnevergoingback‬ ‪#‎goals‬ ‪#‎hellyeah‬ ‪#‎nowtogetthatbooty‬ ‪#‎23lbsgone‬” – Whitney Naylor

Trainerize Exercise Stats with Video Online personal training

Here’s a little preview into what my online training platform looks like on your phone. Each work out is designed by me and you are alerted each day of what you need to do. There are videos and detailed instructions, so there is zero guess work for you. I also design at home programs for people who don’t have or want to get a gym membership. That is NO problem, you can get strong and healthy without a gym! My 6 week dumbbell strength training program would be perfect for you. Just open up the work out and do what it says muuuhhahaha!!! Yes, I’ve heard my work outs are tough. If they weren’t tough, why would anyone do them? That being said, I’m only taking on serious clients. I don’t want to waste your time if you’re not genuinely ready, so don’t waste mine either. Sorry, not sorry.

You are my ideal client if:

  • You’re a hard working individual who has tried everything, but is still stuck.
  • You’re dedicated to making small, positive changes to improve your life.
  • You’re willing and ready to change who you are to become something better.
  • You believe that improving your health and fitness is a lifestyle change and not just something you do temporarily to lose 5 pounds and then go back to the way you were.
  • You’re ready to fully commit to the most important person in your life — you.
  • You want to start taking care of yourself the right way.
  • You’re over diet pills that don’t work!!!!!
  • You’ve been carrying around extra weight for far too long!
  • You have no frickin’ idea what to do in the gym or at home.


You can e-mail me directly @ or on my Facebook Page to get started today! Click the pictures for more information on my 6 week dumbbell at home program!

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