How To Hit Your Morning Workout When It’s Cold Outside

How To Hit Your Morning Workout When It’s Cold Outside

So it’s getting a little cold outside… it’s getting harder and harder to hit your morning workout. Do you want to start having a morning workout but it feels impossible to get started? You want to start exercising in the morning, but the thought of leaving that warm bed seems so out of reach. I’ll tell you exactly what I do to set myself up for my morning workout.

1. I have all my clothes on or ready

Making things as simple as possible by following my own rules is the secret behind everything I do. Wearing your workout clothes to bed is a great strategy and if that works for you, do it. During winter, sleeping with less clothes on works better for me. I already have my huge blanket out so if I wear too much clothes therefore, I’ll sweat and then I don’t feel good in the morning and that’s a bad start.

I hung this wall storage thing with hooks right next to my bed (I found a sweet one on Amazon: Over the Door Magazine Storage Pockets, Wall Door Closet Hanging Storage bag organizer, (4 Pockets with Hook-Nature) ). In my little wall storage thing I wrap up my pants, top, sports bra, socks and underwear and put as many as I can or want into it. I make sure there are a few jackets and sweatshirts hung up to there’s really no excuse here.

2. I set the most annoying alarm sound possible 

iPhone users know exactly which one I’m talking about, the EHHH EHHH EHHHH, it’s called Alarm. Really any sound that wakes me up over and over again eventually turns into one that I hate.

3. I plug my phone in on my desk

I am the first one out of bed when that alarm goes off. This is an important moment, you must make a choice! You have two choices: A. let another morning go by while you remain the same or B. put on those gyms clothes that you were smart enough to lay out and start making a real change.

4. I turn on the lights

This is a must. The light is really what’s going to wake you up so just suck it up and turn it on. I have a desk lamp that isn’t ridiculously bright that I turn on first, some sort of smaller light will make it easier for you to blind your self every morning.

5. I have my water bottle ready

I need a drink of water as soon as I wake up. I’m thirsty every morning, plus it’s great to rehydrate after not drinking any water for 7-8 hours. Plus plus, I’m heading straight to the gym and the water helps me wake up and get energize for my morning workout.

6. I listen to upbeat music 

For my morning workout, I don’t want my meditation music or some love song. I’m trying to wake up! Loud crazy techno or gangster rap is going to be the thing waking me up today. Spotify is pretty awesome and let’s you download the playlists so you don’t use all your data.

7. I have my pre workout ready 

In the morning, the more you have to actually do, the less you want to do it. The cherry on top is having my c4 ready, I literally just have to get dressed and pound my liquids and I’m out the door.

8. I wear the right type of clothes

You won’t see me walking into the gym in the pour rain wearing booty shorts, it’s just not the season people. At least wear some sweats over them, we can all feel that it’s freezing out. I like to wear my thick, Go- Warm Compression Leggings from Old Navy and I will even wear sweat pants over them if it’s really cold. Nothing wrong with a water proof jacket too.

9. I splurged for an automatic starter

You know those buttons on your keychain that start your car while you’re still in the house?! Yeah, I got one of those for Christmas last year and it’s the best thing in the world. It was worth every penny and not as expensive as you might think. No bullshit, if you live where it’s ridiculously cold, why would you not consider this? It’s by far my favorite part of my car and makes the mornings that much more manageable.

10. I practice self-discipline

Finally, this is the one no one wants to hear, we are all looking for easy magic tips and tricks, but it really comes down to self-discipline. You have the choice to get up or get back into bed. You 100% have the choice to go to bed a little earlier, to turn off your phone, to listen to a meditation video and to do things that you don’t feel like doing because that’s what self-discipline is and that’s how you’re going to achieve what you want to achieve, when you’re wants outweigh your excuses.

10 thoughts on “How To Hit Your Morning Workout When It’s Cold Outside”

  • I love the title of this post! Straight forward and to the point and sets the tone for this no-nonsense, no excuses plan! I’ve backed off of my work out plan for the last year and I need to get back to it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Thanks so much for posting this to the #fandayfriday link party! I appreciate your participation. I see that you host a link party yourself. I’ll check it out as well!

  • This was great because it can be hard to regularly exercise and stay healthy once the temps drop. All about wearing workout clothes to sleep, lol. Couple that with an alarm and a glass of water and I am good to go! Nice to find this on #bloggybrunch to motivate me for the week ahead.

    • It’s like a whole new ball game trying to hit work outs during winter. I don’t even want to do my runs outside some mornings and I LOVE running outside way more than the treadmill. I hope some of them can help you! It gets easier after a few weeks 🙂

  • These are great tips. I usually workout during my lunch hour, but I do walk my dog in the a.m. so I have to force myself to get up and get out there. EVERY DAY! My dog won’t let me skip one day. .My alarm clock strategy is a bit different. Mine has a selection of natural sounds, like waterfalls, or bird signing. It eases me awake in the morning.

    • Your dog sounds like a good alarm clock too though haha! On the weekends when I have no rush to get up I definitely prefer nicer sounds.

  • Great tips! I NEED a remote start for my car! That would make life so much better in the winter! I think you are right that it all boils down to self discipline and KNOWING that working out is the best choice.

    • It really is a game changer those remote starts. Yes you can read all the tips and tricks in the world, but the hard part is actually getting up and DOING it.

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