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I have found my new way of life; time blocking. One of my biggest issues throughout the week is finding enough time and making sure I hit all my goals and tasks for the week. I’m a huge fan of calendars and day planners, I am an organization freak. I have my meal plan worksheet, I use the calendar on my phone for alerts and reminders, I have my work out calendar for the month, and we even recently got a huge calendar to put on our fridge to we can both write our work schedules and other events on it.

Still somehow with all these calendars, when I look at each individual day, I still feel like there is more that I could be accomplishing. Have you ever actually tried to pay attention to how much time is spent getting distracted by our phones and televisions? Probably more time than we are all willing to admit. I’ve adopting a day planning method called time blocking, which is simply assigning all your daily tasks to a specific time. It’s incredible the amount of things I can now get done in one day because I took control of my time.

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What I do is go through and write in my work schedule and other scheduled evens like dentists appointments, gym classes, time with my clients, etc. On the left side I write anything that pops into my mind that I might need to accomplish or just general notes. Somethings I need to get off my mind, but don’t necessarily need to be done today. Those things, I write where it says ‘things that can wait’ and I find time to do those other day. After filling those blocks, I work in the rest of my day. I feel like a scatter brain some times and can be very easily distracted by other chore that needs to be done. I can be in the middle of writing  and get an e-mail that I will stop to respond to, which leads to me noticing a blog post I want to read. Next thing I know, it’s two hours later and I’m still not done with what I had started! With time blocking, I know that I have a scheduled time to check and respond to my e-mails so I never have to worry about stopping what I am doing. I have my work outs planned always, this is how I stay consistent in the gym. Plan it like it’s your job! BECAUSE IT IS!


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